Green Technology

Leading The Way

Dean has made a significant commitment to eco-friendly technology. Below we have highlighted a few of the ways we are using technology to improve the environment.

Hybrid Vehicles

In 2010, Dean purchased four hybrid electric school buses. These vehicles are the first of their kind to operate in the State of Michigan. All four vehicles meet EPA 2010 engine standards and operate in Grand Rapids, Lansing and Traverse City.

Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

In 2009, Dean began installation of 286 diesel oxidation catalysts. These systems helped reduce emissions from pre-2004 diesel engines by approximately 20-40%.

Fuel Operated Heaters

Dean has retrofitted approximately 10% of its fleet with fuel operated heaters (FOH) to reduce idle time and conserve fuel. This is in addition to the nearly 25% of Dean's fleet currently equipped with some form of FOH.

Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems

Dean has retrofitted nearly 50 school buses with closed crankcase ventilation systems. Closed crankcase ventilation systems reduce emissions from the crankcase by nearly 40%.

Global Positioning Systems

All Dean vehicles are equipped with GPS technology. This GPS technology allows Dean staff members to closely monitor fuel usage and idle-time. This helps reduce fuel consumption and has resulted in improved fuel efficiency.