Safety is Our Top Priority!
A Dean driver helps her daughter onto a bus.

With over 10 million miles driven annually, Dean emphasizes and conducts extensive training programs in all facets of our operations, from daily pre and post trip inspection of vehicles, to defensive driving courses, bus evacuation drills, and seminars with hands-on review. Our drivers are able to handle many situations.

Dean has an intense driver-training program, which includes hours of classroom and behind the wheel training. In fact, over the first five years of employment with Dean, employees receive over 200 hours of instruction. This ensures experience prior to being out on the road to transport students and passengers. All drivers must pass a yearly Bus Driver’s physical examination as required by the Department of Transportation, which includes drug and alcohol screenings as well as criminal background checks and FBI fingerprint checks, before getting behind the wheel.

It has been the history of Dean to go above and beyond with our training, providing college-level health care coursework for all our drivers and bus attendants. Trainings have been designed to address students with various medical conditions. By requiring employees to take part in a Lansing Community College program in Student Health Care Management, we are able to provide education on the most common medical and behavioral concerns that face today’s youth. How these concerns affect our drivers and attendants, and what the appropriate response is when dealing with a potential incident during a run, is the main focus of our educational training.

Being well-trained and well-equipped makes us better prepared to proactively identify medical and behavioral issues on board the vehicle creating a safer ride for our student and adult passengers.